Now that’s a very good question especially as there are so many wedding related websites to choose from.

Sydney Wedding Celebrant - Celebrant Connect Australia

Celebrant Connect Australia is an innovative Celebrant specific website where you simply fill in your Find My Celebrant search and then Celebrant Connect lists Celebrants who are actually available for your ceremony date.  It’s convenient, it’s that simple and it’s easy!

Hi, I’m Rita O’Reilly, I am a Civil Celebrant and I am excited to say that I am also the founder of Celebrant Connect Australia.  The idea came about when I realised that I was constantly saying “No, I am not available” to couples getting married as I was already booked on their date.  For some reason, I felt compelled to assist those couples to find Celebrants who were available, especially if they were personally referred to me.  I would regularly contact Celebrants to check their availability before passing on their details to the couples.  After a year or two of doing this, it made think:

“Could I create an open and transparent website
would only list Celebrants who were available?”

Well the answer was Yes.  It’s been 2 years in the making and I am so happy to say that Celebrant Connect is up and running.  It works well for people looking for their Celebrant and also for Celebrants wanting to only receive enquiries for dates they are not already booked for.  This saves everyone so much time and energy.

All your initial questions such as ‘Are you Available?’What do you offer?’ and ‘What are your fees?’ are all answered in the Celebrant Profile pages which are simple, uncluttered and informative.

Having these details readily available at your fingertips makes it easy for anyone to connect with their perfect Celebrant which you can simply do by selecting the Schedule a Meeting button and you can also Book Your Celebrant on the spot.   It is a friendly way to connect with your Celebrant knowing that they are available for your date. (Find your celebrant here).

Without a doubt, your ceremony is the most personal and sentimental part of your big day so naturally your Celebrant must be someone you connect with, someone you feel an instant rapport with from the moment you meet them and someone who will make your ceremony as comfortable and as stress-free as possible.  All our Celebrants will easily do this for you.

Our Celebrant membership Australia-wide is growing everyday and we are delighted and proud to say that we have amazing dedicated and professional Celebrants in most States and Territories of Australia.

*If you’re a celebrant who wants to join our passionate community, fill up an application form here.