The Legal Vows

Your vows are a significant part of your wedding ceremony and it is the moment that everyone has come to hear.  What most people don’t realize is that when you say your legal vows, “I call upon the persons here present to witness that I [name] take you [name] as my lawfully wedded husband/wife/partner” that this is the moment that you become married.

The legal vows which are the words you must say, legitimize your marriage according to law but it’s what you add to those words that make the vows uniquely yours.  Your personal vows give you an opportunity for you to speak from the heart and to add your personality to your ceremony.

Your Personal VowsWriting Vows - Celebrant Connect Australia

While your vows are significant and somewhat serious, there is no need to be too rigid and formal.  Vows can be emotional and heart-felt and can also be humorous, reflecting the true nature of your relationship. “I promise not to hog the blankets” or “to let you hold the remote” can say just as much as “to have and to hold” or “in sickness and in health”.

If you are uncertain exactly how to express your thoughts, your Celebrant can assist you to write vows that reflect you and your feelings for your partner, ensuring that they flow nicely.

While there is a minimum, there is no maximum length for your vows but it is important to remember that your vows are your promises to each other and not a history of your relationship. It is nice to briefly explain why you wish to make your promises or to thank your partner for the love they show you but you don’t want to make your vows an epic, as you could be making it more difficult for yourself on the day. There are opportunities to share those thoughts later during the speeches.

Keeping your vows secret from your partner until the day is a way of adding a very special moment to your ceremony. Seeing their reaction when they hear you express your inner most feelings for the first time is magic.  Alternative, writing your vows together can be very special too.

Lastly, try not to put too much pressure on yourself because your vows will be perfect on the day.

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