Meet Rita

Celebrant Connect Founder and Civil Marriage Celebrant

Hi, I’m Rita O’Reilly and I’m excited to head up Celebrant Connect Australia.  Celebrant Connect is a passionate project of mine and I’m grateful to have amazing supporters who have ensured that this crazy little idea became a reality.  These people know my passion for my work and how that passion extends to my industry colleagues and fellow Celebrants.

It’s a great feeling when you love your work and I can’t think of a more rewarding job for me than being a Celebrant.  I have loved every minute since being appointed in 2010, even the more challenging moments as they have made me learn, grow and appreciate my role even more.

While studying, I was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor and I will always be grateful to Kris for giving me her time, encouragement and sharing her knowledge.  On the day I official became a Celebrant, I rang Kris to tell her my exciting news and I’ll never forget how happy she was for me.  I wanted to find a way to pay her back for her generosity but Kris didn’t want to be paid back instead she said, ‘Pay it forward’ and that is something I strive to do everyday.

Our Community 

I’ve always considered other celebrants to be my colleagues rather than my competitors.  Being sole traders, it’s very easy to feel like we’re alone in our work but, together we can help each other achieve our common goals and aspirations.

Celebrant Connect is a platform where like-minded celebrants can come together being part of a community where everyone can share their passion, their knowledge, their experience and provide support for each other.

Celebrant Connect believes in community over competition and that by working together we can achieve so much more than we could hope to achieve by working alone.

Our Celebrant community is so important to us.  We love helping our fellow Celebrants to be the best versions of themselves for their businesses, their clients and beyond.  Seeing them achieve their goals and ambitions is fantastic and it fosters that infectious feeling of ‘community over competition’.


Our workshops are designed to give our Celebrants greater confidence in their work and the day to day challenges that they may encounter.

Celebrant Training

Group and one-on-one training sessions are currently being designed and will be available very soon.

Business Consults

Let us help you find your vision for your Celebrancy business.  We can  get out of the rut and into a positive and stronger mind-set.