Colleen Franks

Civil Marriage Celebrant

As a woman and a mother, I love my job, for me it is an honor when I am chosen to create a special day, and to be able to share this event with you and your family and loved ones.

As you are different and diverse, so should your ceremony be in reflecting wishes.

If creating a vision, a theme, or displaying a cultural tradition, then I can help you bring this to fruition by weaving words and rituals to symbolise the occasion.

I am a member of Celebrant Associations and attend annual Ongoing Professional Development Training, Celebrant Conferences and regular association meetings and numerous expos to maintain my professionalism and to keep updated with new legislation.

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Starting from $850

Ask me..."To create a theatre, a play that we have designed, rehearsed, choreographed and performed for all to see, the love and joy you share".

I offer you a wide choice of Marriage Celebrant Services for your wedding day. Together we will discuss what kind of ceremony you are looking for and select one which will suit your special needs. I can provide a range of ceremony components for your perusal. You may combine or modify these components as you see fit to complete your ceremony. I will take you through this, and the aim is to make the ceremony as meaningful to you and your guests as possible.

Starting from $450

In a Name Giving Ceremony, Parents, Godparents and Guardians acknowledge their responsibility and pledge their important role in the child’s future development.

Together we can create a personal and meaningful ceremony that may include family traditions or can incorporate various symbols such as sprinkling of magic dust, scattering of flower petals, planting a tree. You may wish to include a candle-lighting segment to signify guidance, protection and a blessing of the child’s journey through life. Or a Unity Sand Ceremony when blending families, giving the child a role within the ceremony and highlighting his or her importance within the family unit. Like colours of the rainbow we are all different.

Starting from $450

Starting from $650

A Commitment ceremony can be similar to a wedding ceremony but without the Monitum (legal requirements of the Marriage Act) for Gay Couples and Couples unable to be solemnised by the law. As a member of the Gay Community, I am well aware of the need to feel equal and have the right to participate in a ceremony to display your love and commitment to your partner. You can choose from my examples in the Wedding or Pagan Ceremonies or I can assist you in preparing your own special ceremony.

Starting from $350

Planning a funeral service when someone special has died can be difficult when you have no idea what they would have wanted. I can assist you to plan a farewell that is dignified and respectful and captures the essence of your loved one. Together we can select appropriate readings and music and write a eulogy that truly reflects the life and legacy of your special person. We will acknowledge your loss, celebrate their life's achievements and farewell your special person with love and gratitude.


Thank you for a lovely ceremony everybody loved the Wine Ceremony, no one has seen it before.

Stan and Kinga

Thank you so much Colleen for all your hard work and effort in making our ceremony beautiful. It has been an honour to have you as our Celebrant.

Kamal and Portia

To Colleen thank you very much for all your help leading up to and on our wedding day. Especially when the weather turned bad. You were soaking wet yourself but still managed to stay calm and help us in so many ways. You gave us a beautiful wedding and fun ceremony and we are very grateful to have you help us with our special day.

Greg and Sarah

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