Carol Macfarlane

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Carol is an authorised marriage celebrant, she is also a creative writer, a trainer, an engaging speaker and a polished professional in all that she does.

Early in her career she worked as a beauty therapist and a make-up artist. This introduced her to the wedding industry, where she successfully provided services for bridal parties for many years. Later she gained qualifications as an adult educator and became a key trainer for large cosmetic companies.

The many years of experience presenting at corporate training events allowed her to develop her skills as an expert speaker.

Now Carol seeks to focus her energy on helping loving couples create a happy, memorable and stress free Wedding Ceremony.

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Starting from $750

Wedding planning should be fun, not stressful. Let me take the stress out of your ceremony planning! Who needs added pressures when your to-do list is growing by the day.

There are no rule books for my wedding ceremonies. In fact, take all the rule books and throw them out the window!

I am here to help you create a ceremony that is unique to you as a couple. If you don't want it, we won't do it (with the exception of the legal requirements of course). You can write your own vows, or I can help you. You can pretty much do what you want - after all, it's your day!

Starting from $650

I provide a stylish elopement wedding service for couples who may by choice or necessity want to have a ceremony that allows them to legally register their marriage, witnessed by between two to ten guests. The Ceremony may be performed in a setting of your choice, either at your home, a beach, parkland or any location that suits you.

Starting from $450

A naming ceremony is an opportunity to welcome your child into your family and the wider community and to publicly pledge your love and support to them. It is an alternative to a religious christening or baptism. A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful focal point for a family celebration that can be conducted at any time but it is commonly held within the 1st year of your child's life -very often in conjunction with the child's first birthday celebrations.

It is a milestone event for a family and it allows them to express what it means to have this new child in their lives through bespoke commitments, readings and rituals. This creates and reinforces the bonds that are needed for families to feel knitted into their community.

Starting from $650

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is an opportunity for a couple to renew the vows that they made to each other when they first got married. This type of ceremony is similar to a commitment ceremony, in that it does not contain any legal elements.

It is a way to commemorate a love that has deepened or matured between the couple. This ceremony celebrates the meaningful experiences of the past; it also symbolises that they choose to move forward into an exciting and fresh future together.

Starting from $650

A commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding ceremony, the only real difference is that a commitment ceremony stands as a public affirmation of a couples commitment to one another, without it being recognised by the law. There are many reasons why a couple may choose to have a commitment ceremony instead of a traditional legal wedding ceremony. Many couples over the past two years have chosen to have a legal wedding without a celebration in front of family and friends and now they want to enjoy sharing their commitment with all the frills. I can help you put together a wonderful ceremony that includes the exchanging of vows and rings between the couple, readings, poems, and any desired rituals you wish to include.


"Carol our Celebrant was such an amazing help and guide throughout the whole process we had no idea where to start but she just made the legality side of things flow. She put in a lot of energy into our draft script and made sure it was exactly what we were after and tailored it to our needs. Carol is a really bubbly, bright celebrant who gave us lots of insight. She went above and beyond, we are so happy that we had you as our celebrant. Thank you so, so much, it was also such a nice touch having the bride and groom champagne flutes that Carol gifted to us because we had a champagne ceremony. We will keep them forever as a keepsake. Thanks again, we will always remember you and the day you held for us."

"Laura and Patrick x"

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