Emergency Celebrant Replacement Program : Celebrant Connect Australia

CCA Emergency Replacement Celebrant Program (ERP)

Upon joining Celebrant Connect Australia (CCA), Celebrants will decide if they wish to be included in the Emergency Celebrant Replacement Program (ERP) and if so, they will become a ‘CCA Replacement Celebrant’ (Replacement Celebrant).
All Replacement Celebrants will be contacted via CCA if they are deemed to be available by CCA on the date, time and region specified by the Original Celebrant’s calendar entry that assistance is required for.  The nominated Replacement Celebrant will conduct a ceremony in place of the Original Celebrant if an emergency arises where the Original Celebrant is unable to attend and conduct a ceremony due to sickness or another unforeseen incident.
If, at any time, a Replacement Celebrant no longer wishes to be included in the Emergency Celebrant Replacement Program, they must notify CCA in writing, so they may be removed from the search criteria.


How the ERP works

1.   The Original Celebrant or an approved person or the CCA Administrator will log into the Original Celebrant’s ‘My Celebrant Area’, and edit the ceremony calendar entry of the Original Celebrant that assistance is required for; 


Select the Emergency Celebrant Replacement Program and complete Step 1
  A. enter further details into the 'Additional Information' field so the Replacement Celebrants have all information needed to make a decision as to whether they can assist you;
  B.  select Send Email Now to automatically send notifications to all available Replacement Celebrants.  The notifications contain contact details of the Original Celebrant, details of the ceremony as well as how and who to respond to ASAP; 
  C. The Replacement Celebrants will promptly respond to the Original Celebrant or to the nominated contact person 


Upon locating and confirming a Replacement Celebrant, the Original Celebrant or an approved person or the CCA Administrator will;
  A. complete Step 2 - Transfer Ceremony.  This will transfer the ceremony from the Original Celebrant’s CCA Calendar to the Replacement Celebrant’s CCA Calendar and automatically send notifications to the other Replacement Celebrants advising them that a Replacement Celebrant has been located' 
  B. notify the client that the Original Celebrant is unable to conduct the ceremony and advise them that a Replacement Celebrant will be contacting them;
  C. give the client the Replacement Celebrant’s contact details;
  D.  make arrangements for the Replacement Celebrant to receive a copy the ceremony and any other documents required


If the Replacement Celebrant is required for a wedding ceremony: 

  A. the Original Celebrant will officially transfer the Notice of Intended Marriage form to the Replacement Celebrant;
  B. the Replacement Celebrant will:
    (i) organise the collection of the marriage documents and a copy of the wedding ceremony;
    (ii) prior to the commencement of the wedding ceremony, sight the couples’ identification documents and complete and execute the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage
    (iii)   attend and conduct the ceremony; and
    (iv) finalise the marriage documents and register the marriage with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


The Original Celebrant agrees to pay to the Replacement Celebrant an Emergency Celebrant Replacement Fee within 7 days of the ceremony date as follows:
  A. for a wedding ceremony the sum of $250 together with a travel fee if the Replacement Celebrant needs to travel more than 50kms to conduct the ceremony (including return journey) at a rate of $1.00 per kilometre after the first 50 kilometres;
  B. The Emergency Fee for non-wedding ceremonies is to be negotiated between the Original Celebrant and the Replacement Celebrant.