Celebrant Members Terms & Conditions


Celebrant Connect Australia (CCA) ABN 56 024 461 347 is an organisation dedicated to connecting couples with marriage celebrants who are available, willing and able to perform a marriage ceremony on the couple's chosen date, time and location. CCA is also dedicated to connecting people with celebrants who are available, willing and able to perform ceremonies for other events such as elopements, namings, renewal of vows, commitments and funerals. CCA is committed to building a community of celebrants who are willing to be a part of the Celebrant Connect Emergency Celebrant Replacement Program, thus creating a resource for celebrants who, for whatever reason, need to find a substitute celebrant to conduct a ceremony on their behalf.


Eligibility for Membership

Membership of CCA is open to any Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant currently registered in Australia as well as funeral celebrants and community celebrants conducting ceremonies in Australia.  Membership is non-exclusive.  You are at liberty to deal directly with your own clients and to be a member of other organisations as you wish.

Application Process

If you wish to become a member of CCA you must complete and submit your details using the on-line application form on the Celebrant Connect Australia website.  CCA will confirm your appointment as a member within fourteen (14) days of receiving your application.  Membership of CCA is at the discretion of CCA, which retains absolute discretion as to whether or not you are accepted as a member.

Subscription Fee

The CCA membership subscription fee is $40 per month, inclusive of GST, payable by PayPal subscription.  The CCA membership subscription fee can be paid annually in advance (which attracts one free month equating to an effective annual subscription of $440, inclusive of GST).  Once your application for membership has been approved you have one month before your first subscription payment is due.  Your membership continues until you resign as a member or until you cease to make your subscription fee payment by the due date.  CCA reviews its subsription fee annually.  

Your subscription fee entitles you to be listed on the CCA website on the Meet the Celebrants page and your CCA Profile page will be viewable in client searches where you meet the client's search criteria i.e. you are available for the client's ceremony date, time and location.  You are entitled to be featured throughout your subscription period on Instagram and Facebook or in blog posts that a member may submit to us or that we develop.  The subscription fee also entitles you to access the CCA Emergency Backup Program for all ceremonies you book (not just the ones booked with CCA referrals) and such bookings are listed in your CCA Calendar.  You will also receive invitations to networking evenings, events, workshops and training sessions, some of which will be at no cost to you, with others being at a reduced rate for CCA members.

Ongoing Client Relationship

All enquiries for clients introduced to you through the CCA website are to be made directly with you. Clients contacting the CCA website will be advised of your availability for the client’s nominated date, time and location and the client’s details will then be forwarded directly to you so that you can deal directly with the client to secure your booking.   In this way, Members can manage their own CCA clients and can deal directly with them once they have been introduced by CCA.


All personal information collected by CCA will be stored and used strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Information including personal information that your clients provide to you may be copied to the Celebrant Connect webpage administrator to allow us to monitor any requests to ensure that they are responded to in a timely manner. That information will be treated in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Membership Obligations

By becoming a member of CCA you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. In addition, you agree:

CCA Obligations

CCA will:

Termination of Membership

Whilst CCA's strong focus is on building a resource of reliable, quality celebrants who can be promoted to potential clients, CCA reserves the right to terminate your membership if you breach any of the Membership Obligations or these Terms and Conditions. CCA recognises that termination of membership is a serious matter and will only do so when it forms the view that you are unable or unwilling to contribute positively to the development of CCA and to the benefits that can flow to all members.  As you would expect, your membership will automatically end and you will be removed from our website if you fail to pay your subscription fee by the due date.


The responsibility for providing your client with a quality service is yours.  Consequently, you agree to indemnify and keep indemnified CCA from any loss or damage arising out of your failure to comply with your contractual arrangements with your clients.


These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between you (once your membership has been approved) and CCA. They are governed by the laws of New South Wales. CCA may amend these terms from time to time and it will provide notification to you of any such amendments and a link to the updated Terms and Conditions. By continuing to allow your profile to be displayed on the CCA website you are deemed to have consented to any such amendments.