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Let's Get You Hitched

with the best celebrants

We're all about inclusivity and fully support equality in marriage for everyone.

Actually, Lets Get You Happily Hitched

Planning your wedding day can be stressful, so we are here to take some of the stress away by easily helping you to find one of the most important vendors for your big day,

your Celebrant after all, without your Wedding Celebrant, it’s just one big party.

We make the whole process of finding your perfect Marriage Celebrant so much easier and convenient.

3 reasons why you should book a Celebrant Connect Celebrant.



When you click the Connect with your Celebrant button and select your filters, you will instantly be shown a list of amazingly creative and highly recommended professional Celebrants for your big day.

And if you are looking for another Celebrant service we've got you covered too.


We have your back in case of an emergency, giving you valuable peace of mind, with our unique and free Celebrant Connect Backup Celebrant Program, ensuring that your wedding will go ahead as planned!

Community Over Competition


If you and/or your partner are changing your family name, you will receive a free Easy Change Name Gift Card to make the whole process of changing your name, not only streamlined, simply and easy but also stress-free.

Partnered with Easy Name Change
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