Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Let's Get You Hitched

With  the  Best  Celebrants

Actually, let’s Get You
Happily Hitched!

We know that planning your wedding day can get quite hectic and somewhat stressful, so we are here to take some of the stress away and help you easily find one of the most important vendors for your big day, your Marriage Celebrant.  We make the whole process of finding your perfect Marriage Celebrant so much easier and convenient.

How…, well that’s simple, we connect you with fabulous wedding celebrants who are wonderfully creative, totally professional and a lot of fun to work with and the BEST PART is that THEY ARE AVAILABLE for your wedding day.

Yes, we connect you with available celebrants!

Why Choose Celebrant Connect

We have your back

We save you a tonne of time, by answering your initial questions up front, such as:

“Which Celebrants are available for my wedding date?”

“Do they work in my chosen ceremony location?”

“What are their fees?”

You can also read their reviews and learn more about them!

Most Importantly, we give you peace of mind, on one of the most important days of your life,
with our free Celebrant Connect Backup Program.

Imagine what would happen if, for some unforeseen circumstance, your Celebrant was unable conduct your wedding ceremony?

Don’t Stress, because a backup Celebrant will be easily located through our Celebrant Backup Program, to ensure that your ceremony proceeds as originally planned.  We want you to feel confident that, no matter what, you can simply relax and enjoy your big day because we have your back.

We are All inclusive, supporting equality for all.

Our Celebrant Community

We are a community of like-minded professional and experienced Marriage Celebrants whose mission is:

“to ensure your wedding is the highlight of your wedding day”

We absolutely love our work and we want to give you with the best possible experience by creating a fun, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for what is essentially, a celebration of your love.

We take care of every detail for your wedding ceremony from the legalities and the official paperwork, drafting and delivering your personalised ceremony; to registering your marriage.

Question:  Are you changing your name after you get married?

We also know that changing your name after marriage can be quite daunting and something that a lot of people put off.

We want to help make this process so much easier and stress-free.

When you book one of our Celebrants, they will give you an Easy Name Change Gift Card.

Then, all you need to do is follow the easy steps and before you know it, your name change is complete.


What People are Saying

“I wish I knew about this site sooner.”

“It’s soooo easy to use!”

“There are so many celebrants to choose from.”

“The Backup Program is such a great idea.”