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Rebecca Wright

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

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No-one says they want to be a marriage celebrant when they grow up; I didn't. It's something I was drawn to as I grew older. I fell into it, passionate and filled with unfiltered enthusiasm- you could say it was a little like falling in love. I live for the moments that make you feel: first kisses, best kisses, slow dances, whispered 'I love you's and hopeful 'marry me's. That's why I've made those moments my life. No two love stories are the same and my favourites are always the ones I have yet to tell.

Which is probably enough for you to gather that I'm a hopeless romantic- a good love story will get me every time.

People would describe me as warm, generous, considerate, intelligent, well-organised, creative and calm. I'm a genuinely nice person (I like who I am). I am also enthusiastic; when I do something, I give it 110%! I love good books, long rambling conversations, classy music, ballroom and rock and roll dancing, animals of all kinds (I frequently shed sad, then happy, tears over dog rescues that pop up in my feed on YouTube), watching re-runs of Friends and I was absolutely obsessed with Bridgerton. (Weren't you?) I am pro equality, inclusivity and diversity. One of my mantras is 'If you don't ask, the answer is always no', and I want to see as much of the earth as possible before I end up beneath it.

My background is English teaching. That places me in a unique position for being a marriage celebrant: I write well, I know how to engage an audience- from small, cosy groups to large crowds, and I am, and always have been, a 'people person'. (I'm even being the celebrant for some of my ex-students soon which is probably one of the greatest 'teacher' compliments I could be paid!) My favourite part of my role is getting to know you and your story so that I can craft a bespoke ceremony- one that will make your souls sing.

I care about the love you share, your values, your beliefs and the commitment you're about to make, and this will be reflected in your marriage ceremony. I won't be arriving at our first meeting with a bunch of generic readings I found online, nor with a copied and pasted generic ceremony. My role is to help you create your dream wedding, whether that's a romantic, fun, heart-felt or right-out-of-left-field wedding ceremony you're envisaging.

Contact me today; I promise to look after you.



Wedding Ceremony

Your love. Your dream. Your way.


I will give you exceptional service: the dedication and enthusiasm to make your wedding ceremony everything you want it to be.


I know how to engage a crowd and I can tell a good story; you will have a personal and unforgettable ceremony written especially for and about you. Your guests will walk away saying it was the best wedding they've ever attended. Your personalities, eccentricities and values will be woven into the tapestry of your ceremony, ensuring you and your guests will experience a full spectrum of emotions (bring on the feels) while also ensuring the lightness of spirit and celebratory nature of your marriage.

I am committed to providing you a ceremony you'll love - an accumulation of beautiful, funny, heartfelt and tender moments that you will savour for the rest of your lives.

I am excited about the opportunity to offer you my creativity, dedication, organisation and innovative approach for your upcoming wedding.


I can't wait to meet you.


Starting from $850


Wedding + MC Host

You want to be able to focus on having a fabulous time and you don’t want to have to ask your bestie to forego the opportunity to have a fabulous time WITH you. So, eat, drink and be married; rest easy in the knowledge that everything is being attended to by a person who genuinely wants you to have the best reception ever!

  • Personalisation. Like your ceremony, your reception is all about you. I’ll get the party started, I’ll arrange the formalities, then I’ll get the party started again.
  • I’ll communicate with your vendors to ensure everything and everyone runs to your schedule
  • I will guide you through the many possibilities to make your night as memorable and fun as possible.
  • If there is time between the Ceremony and the Reception, and there often is, I am more than happy to do what you need to make sure your day is a success.

Bespoke Wedding/MC Bundle: $1400


Legals Only

The perfect package if you just want to be officially married and get on with the honeymoon!

  • You, me & two witnesses
  • Location of your choosing
  • A fuss-free, legal marriage ceremony
  • from $500




An elopement...a sequence of intimate moments for you and your partner to become a legally-married couple without the expense of 'a wedding'. You might elect to have only your closest family or friends or I can arrange your witnesses. An elopement can take place wherever you like: over a coffee in some small, secluded cafe, or on a clifftop overlooking the ocean. In a world where words like 'sustainable' and 'minimalist' are the new black, I would love to provide this service to you.


Starting from $500


Renewal of Vows


Perhaps you're about to reach a special milestone in your married life and you'd like everyone to know you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat? Perhaps your marriage has gone through a rough patch and you'd like to remind each other of the promises you made on your wedding day? Or perhaps you'd like to make some brand-new vows...vows that are informed by the reality of the life you've shared with your husband or wife? I would love to provide a beautiful vow-renewal ceremony to celebrate the success of your marriage.


Starting from $500



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Rebecca Wright

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